Wavy Bob

It’s here to reclaim its throne!

It is not the first time we write about a bob variation and it is definitely not the last. This look seems to be a timeless gem, ready to become your look at any given time and occasion. Despite that, the reasons to sport the look keep piling up with each season. Let’s go over what brings this look into our winter Wishlist! 

First of all, this look has officially become the celebrity hairstyle of the season. Dua Lipa has been showcasing her wavy bob in her latest video clips, while singing and grooving to her awesome tunes. The trend has taken over social platforms, with YouTube taking the lead. To be more precise, Youtube has seen a 200% increase in content on how to wear & maintain the perfect wavy bob. The look might be edgy, but it never disappoints, making it one of the safest holiday choices. Give your clients something fresh to take with them into next year.

Fun fact: When the look showed up back in France in 1909, it was a look that shocked society. If only hairdresser Antoine De Paris knew that the fashion industry would never be the same, all thanks to his first bob creation. He rocked the whole world and now it’s time to rock the world of each and every one of your clients. It’s Christmas, sprinkle wavy bob magic over their dreams!