About Us

A brand full of love and passion for helping you be the wonderful hairdresser you always wanted to be!

Our purpose

We exist to empower Independence

At Kadus Professional, we have been serving small independent salons & stylist for more than half century.
We know how hard it is to become Independent and manage your own business. Our Beliefs define who we are, what we stand for, and how we behave:


Our Beliefs define who we are, what we stand for, and how we behave
We believe small is the future
We believe the best business is your own
We believe freedom should not come at a pice
We believe creativity is born from simplicity
We believe your peers are your best source of inspiration and education.

Kegel recognized the importance of professional technique and appliances
for the hairdressers. The first patent gave Kadus it’s name, a disinfector for barber clippers
and cutting blades which he invented in 1919.

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Our founding father, the independent German stylist Ludwig Kegel, opens his first salon in Neustadt.


The brand appears for the first time (‘Kegel’s Automatischer Desinfektor und Spüler’).


Kadus diversifies its range and becomes a true service supplier.


Kadus is now part of the Wella group, a move which paves the way for a rapid international expansion.


Kadus operates now in 35 countries, but the company philosophy remains unchanged ‘to service hairdressers and to help them perfect their skills’.


Kadus Professional introduces the Education program ‘Learn It. Live It. Share It’.