Discover Kadus

A brand full of love and passion for helping you be the wonderful hairdresser you always wanted to be!

Our purpose

We exist to empower Independence

At Kadus Professional, we have been serving small independent salons & stylist for more than half century.
We know how hard it is to become Independent and manage your own business. Our Beliefs define who we are, what we stand for, and how we behave:


Our Beliefs define who we are, what we stand for, and how we behave
We believe small is the future
We believe the best business is your own
We believe freedom should not come at a pice
We believe creativity is born from simplicity
We believe your peers are your best source of inspiration and education.

Meet John

A beauty school graduate with an independent spirit, I’ve chosen to become a hairdresser for the love of the craft – and the instant gratification that I get from transforming the clients looks. I did learn a lot about my craft in the years spent working in a big salon, “but I’ve also learned that the ability to do things my own way mattered more to than the security of the salon environment”;

in fact, I dread the idea of turning into... My ex boss – a controlling manager, understandably obsessed with making a buck, who tend to lack humanity and empathy, and didn’t give me the sort of freedom that I’ve crave.


The values that led us through the years
into the brand, that we are today.