Mushroom Blonde

Have a bite of dark toned beauty!

We proudly present to you our brand-new trend in the “deliciously hot” category, Mushroom Blonde. Why only have mushrooms on your pizza, when you can also have them on your… hair? Coolios, right? Hairdressers, take notes, as this trend proves once again that inspiration is everywhere. But what exactly turns Mushroom Blonde into trend material?

Ok, among all the food inspired trends, this one is not as delicious as the others before it. We urge you to give it a second thought though, this time focusing more on the enchanting ashy shade of mushrooms. Yes, that is what we are talking about! This stunning dark shade gives off so much mystery, more than enough to spark an Instagram trend uprising. Instagram posts have almost reached 3,000, whereas on YouTube you can find around 600 videos full of tutorials and mushroom blonde magic. The trend traces its roots back to the dark blonde trend, and that is why most consumers refer to it that way. Magazines, on the other hand, seem to be loving this new term, as it is more accurate. 

Although the aura around this look is kinda dark, the trend is associated with love, perfection and beauty. It is not easy to deny this crush on dark tones, especially when you witness Cara Delevigne or Gigi Hadid, who sported the look in absolute elegance. Keep in mind that this is an absolute winter essential, especially given its low maintenance nature. Having blondies coming in for color correction? This is just the opportunity for your creations to take a turn for the darker… tones!