Soft Nude

This look is beautifully blending different nude colors in roasted almond, soft taupe and cappuccino directions giving a subtle combination of warm and cold dark blonde tones. Some mid-lengths & ends have been highlighted around the face to bring this extra softness to the total look.

Step by step

Natural Depth: 3/0 Dark Brown

Blondes Unlimited

product formula shade mixing ratio developer
Blondes Unlimited A   1:2 12%
Permanent Color B 7/18 1:1 Roots: 6%
Mid-lengths: 9%
Permanent Color C 7/61 1:1 12%
  D 7/1 + 8/1
2 : 1
1:2 6%
Blondes Unlimited Permanent Color Permanent Color  
  7/18 7/61 7/1 + 8/1
2 : 1
mixing ratio
1:2 1:1 1:1 1:2
12% Roots: 6%
Mid-lengths: 9%
12% 6%


Step 1

Create 3 triangular sections, starting at the fringe and place two on top of each ear.

Step 2

Apply Formula A on each triangular section using the Blending Brush horizontally and parallel to the hair strand. Create a natural blending effect with the natural hair color.*

*After development time shampoo the hair using Visible Repair Shampoo and Visible Repair In-Salon Treatment to complete the pre-lightening service.

Step 3

Apply Formula B on the roots then create depth by unregularly elongate the roots, then create depth by irregularly elongating the roots application with Formula B and 9 %, approx. 5-8 cm.

Step 4

Use the blending brush and apply Formula C on the remaining lengths and ends. Apply Formula D on the prelightened triangles at the front.**

**After development time shampoo the hair using Color Radiance Shampoo and Color Radiance Post-Color Treatment to complete the color service.


Preparation for Styling:

Apply on wet hair Visible Repair Leave-In Conditioner and Velvet Oil Lightweight Oil. Use the diffuser to dry the hair.

TIP 1:

Torsade small hair strands around your finger to get perfectly defined curls. Visible Repair Leave-In Conditioner is the perfect product to be used on African-American hair, no matter if on wet or on dry hair.