The Curly Girl Method

Who runs the world? CURLS!

For this trend, the stage belongs to curly girls. From the very first days of 2018, the search for ‘curly girl’ has seen a significant rise. Curlies have been looking for everything around their curls, but nothing beats the curly girl method. We are talking about the fastest growing hair trend of 2018. Hairdressers, this time we need your full attention, as this is a very demanding trend. Why? You might wonder.

Well, the method is rather advanced, and professionals need to do their homework to understand the condition and texture of their client’s hair, and more importantly, to know what NOT to do. The trend aims to embrace hair’s natural texture through techniques like plopping, gel casting and SOTC (scrunch out the crunch).

Being blessed with the most magical of hairdos comes with its price. Time for you to experiment with your curly creations and through a process of trial and error, give them exactly the nourishment their curly gifts deserve. And if your think, the effort might not be worth it, the 404% increase on Instagram posts might convince you otherwise!