Ice Blue

This look will send shivers down your spine!

Ok, we know what you think “Hmm, this trend sounds familiar”.  We don’t blame you, for a moment we thought exactly the same. Icy blonde, the predecessor of this trend, has been dominating our hairstyling life for quite some time now. The trend fulfilled its duty and now it is time for something more stylish, something more colorful. Dear hairdressers, we present to you Icy Blue!

This look screams winter and is a proud representative of the seasonal hue. How can someone get over the majesticness of Lady Gaga’s Golden Globes hairstyle? The blonde color showcased her dazzling face characteristics while the blue highlights glorified her whole attire. That is exactly the potential of the Icy blue, which can take every styling choice to a whole new level. 12.6K Instagram posts is just a small preview of all the people who joined the #icyblue team. If things keep like that, coral might have a strong hue competitor.

The trend has been going strong for almost 5 years now, but now is the perfect time for you to hop in this icy train. The look might be demanding for a client entirely out of the blonde spectrum, but that does not mean that it is not worth the effort. Also, with our Color Switch series, you can easily reach this ice blue result! Let it go (not you Elsa) and just let your hand and your imagination drive you down the path of icy blue creations!