Guess whose back in town again?!

Get ready cause we are going out with an old friend tonight. If it isn’t our good old buddy: BANGS! Of course, we have seen this trend pop up a couple of times throughout the year, but when people of the A-List sport the look, the case is totally different. Bella Hadid, with her new campaign, has sparked an interest around the look once again. No complaints, we are down for wherever this hair epicness is going.

As always, there are no rules when it comes to wearing this look. You always have to evaluate what style of bangs fits your customers’ needs and aesthetics. Bangs have been a part of the social conversation for a long long time, that it even broke out from traditional social channels and made its way to Reddit. The hairstyle has been a trademark for the fashion industry in 2018, but if it keeps its pace, it is most likely that it will make it victoriously to 2019.

Curtain bangs’ has seen a rising search interest of 250%. So, if you are out of ideas (which is unlikely), this might be a good bangs style to start from. Do it passionately, do it with a BANG! Are you ready to spread your very own bang creations?