Icy Blonde

Step by step

Light Blond


product formula shade mixing ratio developer
LightPlex A   1 : 1.5 Mid-lengths & ends: 6 vol
Roots: 13vol
Demi-Permanent Color B 10V +  10PA
1      :      2
1 : 2 6 vol
LightPlex Demi-Permanent Color
  10V +  10PA
1      :      2
mixing ratio
1 : 1.5 1 : 2
Mid-lengths & ends: 6 vol
Roots: 13vol
6 vol


Step 1

Apply Formula A on mid-lengths.

Step 2

Process for 20 minutes and apply Formula A to the roots.

Step 3

Apply Formula A on the ends and work through the whole section. After processing, RINSE ONLY and apply LightPlex Bond Completion In-Salon Treatment Step 2. Leave in for 10 minutes.*

*After 10 minutes, rinse and shampoo using Visible Repair Shampoo and Visible Repair In-Salon Treatment to complete the pre-lightening service.

Step 4

On damp hair, apply Formula B from roots to ends and process for up to 15 minutes. Check the color result regularly.**

**After processing, shampoo using Color Vibrancy Shampoo and Color Vibrancy Post-Color Treatment to complete the color service.



To create a softer texture in the base line, use a deep point cut (zig-zag) with some elevation to make the base line lighter.


Preparation for Styling:

Prepare the hair for styling with a heat protection spray to protect the pre-lightened hair. Use a round natural boar bristle brush for this sensitive hair structure.


To get more grip in the hair, spray a Hold Spray all over. To create this undone, undefined movement, use a straightening iron and twirl the hair around the outside of the straightening iron.