Honey Blonde

Step by step

Dark Blonde


product formula shade mixing ratio developer
LightPlex A   1 : 1.5 Back Section: 6 vol
Front/side section: 13 vol
mixing ratio
1 : 1.5
Back Section: 6 vol
Front/side section: 13 vol


Step 1

Create a cross parting. Starting at the nape, take diagonal sections using a traditional weaving technique and apply Formula A in a V-shape on mid- lengths & ends, approx. 1-2” away from the roots. Repeat up to the occipital bone. Always keep approx. 1/8” of natural hair between each section.

Step 2

From occipital bone to the top of the head, apply Formula A in a diagonal application – alternating between forward and back diagonal sections and continue using the weaving technique.

Step 3

Use the same application technique for both sides. 

Tip: Fold the foil twice to not touch the roots with the lightening product.

Step 4

At the fringe apply only on the ends to create a soft transition around the face. One processed, rinse and apply LightPlex-Bond Completion In-Salon Treatment Step 2 and leave in for 10 minutes.*

*Once Step 2 has been left in for 10 minutes, shampoo using Visible Repair Shampoo and Visible Repair In-Salon Treatment to stabilize lightening service. 


Before Styling

Prepare the hair for styling with a Heat Protection Spray on mid-lengths & ends, and to support volume use Kadus Professional Volumizing Mousse. Blow dry with a large round brush to achieve maximum volume.

TIP 1:

To achieve more shine to mid-lengths & end, use a boar brush. With it, you can create a natural soft and smooth look. 

TIP 2:

Use a Dry Shampoo on the roots to create this modern undone look.