Up to 100 % grey coverage
  • Tone-on-tone colouring, darkening, and lightening by up to 5 levels of depth.
  • Colour balance in lengths and ends.
Extra Rich Crème formula with waxes and lipids
  • Spreads easily, with minimal dripping.
  • Allows optimum application and penetration of the microspheres into each hair fibre.
  • Envelops hair, leaving it in good condition with radiant shine.
Effective Micro Reds Technology
  • Red molecules penetrate deeply into hair and help Micro Reds colour last much longer.
  • Easy to spot: just look for the Micro Reds molecule logo.
  • Versatile: mix any Micro Reds shade of your choice with our base shades.

Our prestige fragrance system, with top-quality ammonia masking, makes colouring a more pleasurable experience for your client.

Permanent colour shades

Blue Pearl

Vitaflection Microspheres Technology

Even coverage emulsion

Our Extra Rich Crème Emulsion sends over 500 trillion Vitaflection Microspheres evenly to each hair fibre.

Colour to the core

Vitaflection Microspheres are 1,000 times smaller than a hair fibre for deep penetration.

Lock in

Inside the hair the Vitaflection Microspheres couple together and get locked.

Vibrant shine

Waxes and lipids in the Extra Rich Crème Emulsion leave hair smooth and shiny for visible vibrancy.